The Gigabots #Beep And #Boop Their Way Into Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund

The Gigabots were accepted into the Spring round of the Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund.    Mozilla’s Gigabit Community Fund is an effort to support the creation of innovative learning experiences and workforce development opportunities on the networks of the future.  People will be able to engage each other in new ways through immersive environments, new collaboration and sharing tools, and other possibilities enabled by the next-gen networks in Chattanooga and Kansas City.

The Gigabots: Powered By Big Bang

The Gigabots: Powered By Big Bang


The Gigabots are powered by Big Bang’s realtime data synchronization.  Big Bang’s software runs directly on the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Intelligent Brick, allowing the robots untethered realtime communication with virtually any internet connected device.  We are exited The Gigabots are adding more robots to the Internet of Everything.

Author Jonathan Wagner

Jonathan is the Founder and CEO of Big Bang.

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